Big Spring, KY
Tri-County Marker
Located in Big Spring, KY
Welcome to Historic Big Spring, Kentucky
Memorial marker to Breckinridge, Hardin and Meade
Located by the spring in Historic Downtown Big
Spring, Kentucky at the point where the three
counties meet.

Breckinridge County Est. 1799
Hardin County Est. 1793
Meade County Est. 1823
Big Spring, Ky.
Big Spring, Kentucky
"The Friendliest Little Town!"
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Big Spring, Kentucky with it's rich history is
a frontier town that was settled before the
War of 1812. Some say as early as 1780.
The town of Big Spring, KY saw both
Confederate and Union armies during the
Civil War and skirmishes. We are located in
Breckinridge, Hardin, and Meade County
and have a memorial marker where they
meet.  Find more Big Spring history on our
Links page!

Big Spring Township Fund Inc. is a
non-profit organization setup by a group of
motivated citizens. The goal of this
organization is to further the growth and
prosperity of Big Spring, KY.

We also h
eld events and fund raisers to
continue the tradition of a heritage festival
started back in 1973. This festival, "Down
Home Day
s", was held annually on the first
Saturday of